Types of Access Panels You Must Know

Access doors are famous for its versatility that it allows home builders to install the item in pretty much every corner of the house as long as there is a reason for it. The item comes in different shapes and colors, and it also serves a wide variety of purposes. Although many references have highlighted the item’s versatility, its primary function is to give access to reach enclosed areas behind the walls or stairs. The variety of shapes also grants easy exploration to reach such areas, whether it is for human or animals.

The item is mostly designed to align with the surfaces. It aims to keep the item functional as well as to maintain the aesthetic side of the house. Of course, installing the item on a perfectly painted wall can only damage the beauty which is why it needs to align with the surface. As the object gains more popularity since the introduction of the functional home concept, many companies start to come up with unique and functional designs without having to sell the products at high prices. The cendrex access doors, for instance, offer excellent-quality products at affordable prices.

black and white shot of a door

The Multi-Purpose Item

Just like what the term suggests, the product serves the general and vital purposes for both outdoor and indoor use. This general product is suitable for walls and ceilings. However, please note that this type of door does not guarantee high-level security, making it not a perfect choice to conceal precious items. The materials used to produce the products range from basic steel to galvanized steel. This object is also equipped with a temperature controller, weatherproof gaskets, and removable lids. One disadvantage of this type is that it does not meet the safety regulations related to fire risks.

The Fire-Rated

Wall or ceiling openings have the possibility to create greater damages in case of fire. Since air flow will likely to create a bigger flame, it takes special access doors to prevent the risks of fire. For that reason, many people have turned to the fire-rated item specializing in sealing the air flow so that it will not fuel up the flame and make it bigger. The item is usually made of insulated mineral wool, galvanized steel, and smoke-proof gaskets that prevent heat transfer.

The Plaster Bead

It has been a common practice among home builders to build a dwelling from plaster rather than a dry and concrete wall. Financial stability might be the reason behind the choice. For this scenario, choosing an item that will not interfere with the whole structure of the house is essential. Thus, the plaster bead access door is indeed an excellent choice.