Finding the Right Access Doors

Access doors are useful utilities available. Whether for business or domestic use, the doors have proven to be quite helpful if you want to achieve different goals from technical maintenance to security. The following are some of the things you should know about access doors.

Types of Access Doors

The following are the common types of access doors available on the market.

Fire-Rated Access Doors

tile access doorThese types of access doors have been tested for fire resistance. This means they are fireproof or they can endure fire to given extents. Fire rating is determined by taking into account the considerations of door use and time. These types of doors are available in two categories: non-insulated and insulated. If heat is an important factor, then you should get the insulated type as it can dissipate the heat. On the other hand, the non-insulated type is ideal for rooms where the temperature level is not important.

Non-Rated Access Doors

These are doors that do not come with a fire rating. These are doors that allow people that go from one point to another. Remember these doors allow you to access restricted areas. They are created for areas in a building where the heat is not an issue. For instance, they can be used by employees to enter their place of work or technicians that repair the equipment and store it in a restricted area.

access doorAccess doors can also be classified taking into account the material used. The ones made of plastic are used for light purposes. There are also others made of stainless steel. This particular type is meant for the heavy-duty purposes where lighter varieties cannot work. Also, stainless steel access doors are designed for high-security areas that have maximum restrictions. For instance, attic access doors are used for the attics in homes. A lot of homeowners keep their old, treasured possessions in the attic. Moreover, only family members have access to such belongings.