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Some gadgets are available in the market that transforms your home into a smart home. With the internet slowly making its way into almost every appliance that we use in our day to day lives you will soon be able to control and monitor most equipment in your house from your smartphone. However, having WiFi connected appliances in your home is a game changer, but it can also be risky since people with bad intentions can penetrate through your network and gain access and be able to know a lot about your private life.

Therefore, it is virtually essential to get an internet provider that has an excellent reputation, and you can trust. Some smart home devices can be a little pointless and complicated. But quite a number can blend into your ordinary life and make things smarter and easier, rather than complicate your life.
Below are some must have gadgets for your home to transform it into an exceptional, friendly, and smart home.

Top smart gadgets for your home

The smart home lockhome lock

The use of this locks has resulted in making most homes secure and safe. The smart home lock has also helped reduce the rate of home break-ins. This amazing gadget consists of an alarm that goes off as soon as someone tries to break into your house, to stop the alarm you will have to deactivate it personally. Additionally, you will also get a notification on your phone saying that some one might be tampering with your locks.

Video monitor

These monitors are often used by mothers who spend less time at home with her little ones. Nowadays, moms opt to install a video baby monitor to see what happens when their children are home alone with the babysitter. The screen can also be used to monitor any movement in the house or its environs. Just in case there is a trespasser, you can view the person by using this video screen. Additionally, most homeowners install video screens in their compounds so as to enhance security when they are not around or when they are fast asleep inside their houses and want to monitor what is happening outside.

The smart garage door opener

This technology enables your garage door to sense when your car is near the driveway and automatically opens and as soon as your vehicle has safely gotten inside the garage the door will automatically close.

Self-sterilizing door handle

This is one futuristic device that every clean freak or germaphobes should possess in their homes. This door handle is designed to help prevent hand contact viruses from spreading. When the handle is not in use, a switch that operates the UV lamp that is present in the contraption is pushed on and activates the UV light that sterilizes the handle resulting in a clean condition.

Smart touch refrigerator

This refrigerator features a modernrefrigerator design in that it is coated with a sleek black color and consist of half-swirl handle. The handle includes a built-in biometric sensor that can detect the person opening the fridge. Another cool feature that comes with this smart device is that the life expectancy and inventory of the food is displayed on a panel found on one side of the smart fridge’s door. Not only is this fridge flawless in its design and functionality it is also able to ensure that foods that are perishable are consumed on time.

The UV lamp is only turned off when the door handle is being used to open the door and later turns back on as soon as the hand is withdrawn so as to clean any germs that may have been left behind. The use of smart technology has made our day to day life exciting, entertaining, enjoyable and comfortable. Therefore, smart home gadgets are devices that you should have installed in your home.