Common Signs of a Severe Drainage Problem

sewer cover

It is paramount to find drainage problems and prevent them when they are minute and easier to fix. That can save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind down the line. You do not need to be a geophysicist to know the puddles in the lake or basement are signs of drainage issues. However, most drainage issues are not obvious. These are some of the signs that you have drainage.

Gushing Gutters

drain knobIf you have debris and dead leaves at the edge of the gutter, then they are blocking the flow of water. Vertical streaks of dirt on the outside of the gutter, paint peeling off your house, and mud-spattered are some sure signs. In such a case, you need to see this drain clearance and repair company. Remember that action is needed to prevent overflowing gutters from rotting your siding, destroying your paint job, and even causing structural damage.

Downspouts that Dump

You should note that an inch of rain that falls on 1,000 square feet of roofing produces over 600 gallons of runoff. This is more than enough needed to fill ten bathtubs. Dumping a lot of that water to the foundation sends it directly to the basement, where it ruins your furnishings and the flooring.

Water Stains in the Basement

Depending on where the stains show up, you can tell whether there is a problem as a result of surface water. The good thing about surface water is that it is easy to deal with. The major problem you have is water that travels underground as it can cause a bigger headache.

Significant Erosion

drainage pipesIf there is a foundation slab, you should have a close look at it, particularly the flower beds. You should take note of how high the soil is. If the water takes a lot of time to drain, then your yard has drainage problems. That is quite dangerous because the water that sits up against the foundation can cause additional pressure that can cause cracking. Also, it could soften the soil beneath the foundation.

Deposits and Flaking on the Walls

If you spot areas of grey or white crust on the basement walls, that is called efflorescence. Those are mineral deposits that are left behind when the water evaporates. Also, your wall may be flaking at a high rate, a condition known as spalling.

Mildew in the Attic

Although the attic may be a strange place to find drainage problems, having mildew on the underside can be a tip-off to a serious problem.

A Guide to Choosing a Concrete Flooring Company

Concrete flooring company

If you are planning to install concrete as your flooring option or changing your old floor to concrete, you must hire a professional flooring company. It is essential to hire someone who will meet all your flooring needs and help you realize the benefits of Texas concrete floors. The company you choose should help you in decision making and help you out when trouble arises. Many customers are aiming for a floor which lasts long after installation. Below are tips for hiring a concrete flooring company. Read on.


Experience in any field comes with expertise. Ensure that the company you are about to hire has been in the area for long. A company which has been in the market for more than five years makes a good selection. You can as well ask a company the kind of experience they have in a particular field. If for example, you want customized concrete, you should hire a company that is good at customizing concrete. A good company will provide you with references if they are not good at the services you are looking for.


The reason why you are hiring professional contractors is that you want professionalism in it. You should never settle for less when it comes to this. A professional company should answer your calls, be polite on the phone and answer all your questions to your satisfaction. They should as well keep time and observe deadlines. If you are not getting the above from a company, I could say, there is no professionalism.


If you choose to do concrete flooring on your own, you would realize that there are tools and equipment’s you do not have. Buying or renting them will be expensive. It is for this reason why you should work with a company with all the necessary tools for a perfect concrete floor. If a company does not have such, take it as a red sign and start looking for another one.

Money and Time

We cannot ignore price in the purchase of goods and services. Always ensure that you are working with a company which offers you quality services at an affordable fee. Before the start of any operations, you should have agreed on the price of all the services and materials. In addition to that, hire a company which will finish the project within the shortest time possible.

Signs that you need to repair your home foundation


The home foundation is an important part of the home. If your home foundation is compromised, then the home structure is likely to collapse. You need to check your house foundation regularly to make sure that it is in good condition. The earlier you identify problems in your foundation, the easier it becomes to do repairs. Once you notice any alarming signs in your foundation, the best option is to call a foundation repair expert. A good foundation repair company will do an inspection and carry out the necessary repairs needed to keep your home strong.

Do you need to repair your home foundation?


Cracks are the most common indication of pcracksroblems with your foundation. The cracks are both internal external. Before you see the cracks in the interior part of the house, they are likely to start from the outside. In most cases, small cracks are normal in most buildings.

However, if the cracks are big and visible, then this is a big problem. Cracks are usually an indication that the structure is under stress. The brick and motor are trying to separate because the foundation can no longer support the structure.

Leaking roof

You will be surprised to know that a leaking roof can be a sign that your foundation is not in good condition. A leaking roof might be a sign that your foundation is shifting away from the roof. If you notice that your new roof is leaking, then it might be a problem with the foundation. You can call a foundation expert to clear your doubts and identify the source of the problem. A leaking roof due to a shift in the foundation is a serious problem that needs immediate action.

Stagcracksnant water around the house

Stagnant water around the house is not an indication that your foundation has a problem. It is an indication that your foundation is likely to have problems in the future. When water settles around the foundation of your house, it weakens the structure in the long run. You need to call a foundation repair expert to help you in coming up with a good drainage system for the water.

Mold around the house

Mold and dampness around the house are an early sign of a weakening foundation. Many people tend to ignore mold, but it has a drastic effect. Foundation repair experts know how to deal with mold and dampness that is likely to cause problems your house foundation.

Attributes Of The Best Damp Proofing Experts


Has your house been smelling of dampness lately? Probably the moisture from the ground is finding its way to the walls around the foundation. It is a common scenario in many homes especially after the rains and can cause mildew growth, safety, and health risks. So, if you are looking for someone to do damp proofing in Kent, then you can get experienced experts to terminate this menace. Such experts, however, need to have some attributes as follows.

Qualities of the best damp proofing experts

Expertise and experience

brickAfter working for many years, experienced experts can handle any situation in their line or skill thoroughly and with ease. In fact, they rarely find anything complicated about what they do. This will transform into excellent results at the end of the day. Damp proofing an already build house is a bit complicated and not a job for every Tom, Dick, and Hurry. The damp treatment to seal moisture from passing through the walls is done by keen to details experts so that they can cover all the areas as needed.

They have equipment and tool

Thanks to innovation and technology, now people use sophisticated equipment and tools to perform their work. This type of work is not an exception, and thus such companies do invest heavily on tools of work. The damp proof treatment is administered using a special gun that forces the sealing chemicals to penetrate through the airspaces and cracks on lower part of the wall. The technicians are not only highly trained but also use the right PPE for their health.

They have license and insurance cover

brickA well reputable company will adhere to the necessary compliances as required for them to operate. While some will try to dodge one or two legal documents, those serious about business will be busy assuring their clients of compliance through copies of the same. An insurance cover protects the property as well as the employees who in turn worn enthusiastically.

They have accreditation

Such honors are only earned after delivering incredible results consistently for a period. The accrediting bodies do not favor but recognize on merit and as per set parameters. So, if you come across a company that has been accredited, then appreciate it.

Finally, a good damp proofing company must listen to clients needs keenly to understand their needs. Likewise, they need to offer reasonable quotes without hidden costs. People don’t like having to incur extra cost after the budget.