Bleach Your Vagina at Home


Vagina bleaching is a bold beauty trend that has become popular across all cultures. Naturally, a vagina appears to be darker than other parts of the body. Many women feel that using chemical soaps may make their vagina lighter, but they should be aware that these soaps contain chemicals that irritate the skin of the vagina.


It also dis-balances the PH level that upholds the normal skin texture. Women vagina is the most delicate part of the body; thus every woman should take care of it while bleaching. Below are some of the best products you should use while bleaching your vagina at home.



These vagina bleach product bleaches your vagina skin because it has lactic acid. It exfoliates your vagina skin, which makes it lighter. Apply buttermilk to the vagina area then wait for fifteen minutes before rinsing. Remember to apply it using a cotton ball to avoid damaging the vagina skin.

Lemon juice

CITRONYou can also use lemon juice as a vaginal bleaching agent. Just cut a lemon, then apply it over the vagina skin, and wait for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it off. It is used worldwide given its effectiveness in bleaching the vagina skin. To avoid sensation burns around your vagina area, mix the lemon juice with water.

Fresh mint leaves

Look for some fresh mint leaves to drudge. Apply the mixer over the vagina area then wait for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, Rinse with clean cold water. You may get the result after two weeks if you Practice twice a day. Apart from lightening your vagina skin, it smoothens it as well.

Sandalwood paste

If you want to use this product, you need to have a lemon juice, tomato, juice cucumber juice, and sandalwood powder. Mix them to make a paste. Then apply it over the vagina area. Leave it to dry for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Papaya natural soap

Papaya natural soap contains water papaya extract as well as glycerin. It is used to lighten the vagina since it has papain. An enzyme that bleaches the vagina easily. Papain exfoliates the vagina skin making it very dry. Therefore, you should moisture the skin using a quality moisturizer.

Herbal vaginal creams

These creams come with herbal formulas that tend to give a natural lighter look to your vagina. These exclusive formulas are from herbal ingredients that counter the melanin production around the vagina area. It also improves metabolism. You may experience the result after a few days if you apply these creams twice a day.


All the above vagina bleaching products are easy to make. They are also very cheap compared to commercial vagina bleaching cream.